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Music is the companion of joy and the medicine of sorrow.

Located in Gallup, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment Opera was founded in 2009 in order to refine the talents of gifted young singers looking to hone their skills in a professional environment.

The goal of the Land of Enchantment Opera Institute is to provide students with a top-notch learning experience in order to bridge the gap between an undergraduate or graduate degree program and entering the world of professional opera performance.  In order to ensure that students receive the best possible education during their time in Gallup, the audition process is highly selective and competitive.  Every year, approximately 25 talented young singers are selected out of the audition pool and invited to receive the intense vocal training, personalized attention, and high quality instruction offered by the faculty, each of whom is a recognized master in his or her field.

Our young singers perform in several public concerts, including in free daily concerts as part of our 30 Days of Opera Series, and many of them have gone on to perform in some of the most famous venues in the world.

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