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From the Rector: Advent Aspirations

Come, Lord Jesus. Advent Aspirations:

The first five can be memorized and repeated frequently during the Advent Season. The whole series can be used, one each day of the month of December, as a motto/aspiration for that day.
The prayers for December 17-23 are inspired in the “O Antiphons.”

1. Come, Lord Jesus, fill our souls with your grace.
2. Come, Lord Jesus, fill our hearts with your love.
3. Come, Lord Jesus, fill our minds with your light.
4. Come, Lord Jesus, fill our limbs with your strength.
5. Come, Lord Jesus, fill our world with your peace.
6. Come, Lord Jesus, give us the capacity to prepare well for your coming at Christmas.
7. Come, Lord Jesus, give us the grace to serve you faithfully each moment of each day.
8. Come, Lord Jesus, teach us to love Mary, your mother and our mother.
9. Come, Lord Jesus, teach us to love St. Joseph, the man you chose to be your father.
10. Come, Lord Jesus, show us how to sanctify our daily work.
11. Come, Lord Jesus, show us how to delight in serving others.
12. Come, Lord Jesus, help us to spend our energies joyfully in serving our family.
13. Come, Lord Jesus, lead us to appreciate the joy to be found in doing all to please our Father God.
14. Come, Lord Jesus, inspire us to follow you in making a gift of our life to others.
15. Come, Lord Jesus, help us to be thankful for the example you have given us.
16. Come, Lord Jesus, open our hearts to the flood of your graces
17. Come, Lord Jesus, O Wisdom from on high, and govern all creation with your strong and tender care.
18. Come, Lord Jesus, O Sacred Lord of ancient Israel, stretch out your mighty hand to set us free.
19. Come, Lord Jesus, O Flower of Jesse’s stem, rule over all nations and all peoples.
20. Come, Lord Jesus, O Key of David, open the gate of heaven and lead us on the way to eternal life.
21. Come, Lord Jesus, O Radiant Dawn, bring light to those who dwell in darkness and doubt.
22. Come, Lord Jesus, O King of all the nations, and bring joy and peace to every heart.
23. Come, Lord Jesus, O Emmanuel, King, Lawgiver and Judge, make your kingdom a reality.
24. Come, Lord Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we open our hearts and souls to your coming.
25. Come, Lord Jesus, with Mary and St. Joseph we welcome you and beg you to stay with us,
26. Come, Lord Jesus, enlighten our minds to know the greatness of your love for every human being.
27. Come, Lord Jesus, we welcome you with the spirit and fervor of those who have loved you most.
28. Come, Lord Jesus, reveal to all the marvel of your saving work.
29. Come, Lord Jesus, help us to sing the glory of your name.
30. Come, Lord Jesus, be our Lord and Savior, the love of our life, the reason for our hope.
31. Come, Lord Jesus, we thank you for the gift of your life and the joy of your presence.    rjs

Lord, may I know the wonder of your love,
Lord, may I see with your eyes, the power of your grace,
may I hear with your ears, the beauty of your face,
may I speak with your lips, the thrill of your presence,
may I work with your hands, the joy of working for you.
may I want with your will,
may I love with your heart. (Bishop Echevarria)


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